URWERK UR-220 SL Asimov Glows Brightly In The Dark, Is Inspired By Issac Asimov’s Nightfall

There is something particularly unique about the new URWERK UR-220 SL Asimov. First, it is a timepiece that marketed for low-light time-telling and second, it is inspired by a book, specifically, American sci-fi author Issac Asimov’s Nightfall.

URWERK AMC Atomic Clock With Docking Watch System Goes On Sale In New York

When we slap a watch on our wrist, we hardly ever give a thought to the accuracy of tell-keeping. While some watches like the Casio G-Shock has atomic clock synchronization for accurate time-keeping, URWERK AMC Clock and Watch System takes precision time-keeping to a whole new level.

De Bethune And URWERK Teamed Up For One-Off Timepiece For Only Watch 2019

Here’s a timepiece for richie rich who desire to own what no other could own. What you see here is the De Bethune x URWERK for Only Watch 2019, a timepiece developed by the two independent watchmaking “Maisons” for a good cause.

URWERK Breaks Tradition, Announces UR-105 TA in Vibrant Lemon and Orange

When it comes to luxury watches, a few makers dare to take the plunge into the world colors. Colors, in the case of luxe timepieces, seem like a thing that you don’t speak of. But Switzerland luxury watch maker, URWERK wants to leverage on colors to, in the words of its co-founder and master watchmaker …

URWERK Launches Three New Timepieces, Includes UR-110 “East Wood” with Tweed Strap

We bet you never thought that luxury timepieces would incorporate fabric and wood in their build. Well, the URWERK UR-110 “East Wood” is a proof that luxury watches could use a little tweed and ebony too. Boasting a bezel crafted from ebony – one of the densest wood on Earth, matched to URWERK’s take on …


even in this digital age, mechanical watch movements still represent the pinnacle of watch craftsmanship and thus, it is only natural that mechanical movements are the preferred movement for any watch connoisseur. however, despite the technological advancement in watchmaking, mechanical watch still suffers from the inherent imperfection in timing as the watch loses power