Capcom Cafe x Biohazard 20th T-Virus Fragrance

Regardless of how immersive a game or movie maybe, there’s always an element that is missing and that’s the smell. Imagine cutting through a horde of zombies and not knowing how the walking dead smells like is short of being immersive, well, if that’s your kind of thing… But apparently, Capcom, the legendary game company behind Resident Evil franchise, knew this and it will be releasing a limited edition fragrance at its Capcom Cafe (yes, it is a thing) in Saitama, Japan.

The fragrance, aptly called T-Virus, draws its inspiration from the deadly strain by nefarious bioengineering pharmaceutical company Umbrella Corporation will be sold at 4,200 Japanese Yen a pop. Though designed after the infamous strain, it is not deadly. It won’t turn you into a living dead, nor will give you superhuman abilities like Alice. It will be just, well, fragrance.

Though it is not known what it will smell like, but we are certain rotting flesh and blood are not part of it. Also, its best not carry this in your carry-on if you are buying it in Japan as it might cause quite a stir with the word ‘virus’ on the bottle. Capcom Cafe x Biohazard 20th T-Virus Fragrance is set to hit the shelves starting March 26, 2016.

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via Kotaku