Marvel Legends 20th Anniversary Captain America

Not sure if you guys have heard. Captain America is 80 years old this year and also, the toy line, Marvel Legends, is celebrating its 20th anniversary. To mark Marvel Legends’ 20 years as a line, Hasbro will be releasing some 20th-anniversary figures.

Marvel Legends 20th Anniversary Captain America

Spoiler alert, these figures are likely repaint of existing molds. I didn’t think Hasbro would spend any more to create new molds. I could be wrong. Oh, wait a minute here… the figure that is kicking off the Marvel Legends 20th-anniversary collection, the Marvel Legends 20th Anniversary Captain America, isn’t exactly a new mold. Not quite an awesome start, is it?

The figure is essentially the Alex Ross’ Cap but with a new head sculpt and finished in classic comic-accurate colors, plus some new accessories which include a display base that recalls that of the original toy and a dual-sided backdrop.

Marvel Legends 20th Anniversary Captain America
Official image of the figure. Credit: Hasbro.

The toy, according to the super short press release, is officially referred to as Marvel Legends Series 1 6-inch Captain America Figure. Hasbro said the figure is inspired by ToyBiz 2002 Marvel Legends Captain America Figure and hence the Series 1 in the official product name.

It is expected to be available in Spring 2022 for US$31.49. Recommended for age 4 years and up.

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The Marvel Legends 20th Anniversary Captain America figure was officially revealed by, YouTube channel Unparalleled Universe, where the dude gave us a good look at this wonderful action figure.

Images: Hasbro/YouTube (Unparalleled Universe).