Don’t Like Doric Turning Into An Owlbear? Well, Here’s The Dungeons & Dragons Golden Archive Owlbear Figure

This is a repaint of the Dungeons & Dragons Golden Archive Owlbear/Doric figure but it is necessary because I am sure there are purists out there who prefer the original Dungeons & Dragons Golden Archive Owlbear. Aside from the obvious colorway difference, this new Owlbear appears to spot a slightly different head sculpt too. Beyond …

NERF Dungeons & Dragons Blasters: Inspired By Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves

Well, what do you know? Hasbro has recently revealed NERF blasters inspired by Dungeons & Dragons in anticipation of the live-action movie adaptation, Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves. I know right. In the mystical world there are no guns to talk about but here were are, seeing Forgotten Realms’ blasters inspired by the dragons …

LEGO Dragon’s Keep: Journey’s End Is The Fan Submission For 50 Years Of Dungeons & Dragons

A while ago LEGO Ideas asked fans to submit their Dungeons & Dragons build for the Dungeons & Dragons x LEGO Ideas 50 Years of Dungeons & Dragons Challenge. Fans were invited to vote after the expert review and after much deliberation, we finally have a winner.

You Should Start Playing DnD 5E Now – Here’s Why

Welcome to a new golden age of the world’s foremost fantasy role-playing game. Whether you are a hard-core player or a noob, the name ‘Dungeons & Dragons’ is known to us all. Since 1974 friends have been gathering together to indulge in hours of world-building fantasy, delving deep into characters and embarking on mystical quests.

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