Incase Range Collection

Incase Range Collection
Incase Range Bag Collection | from US$29.95 |

what’s the worst thing that could happen when you are out cycling in the great wilderness? a sudden downpour of rain, that’s what. not only will you get completely drenched but the stuff that packed into your backpack could be at risk too. it’s ok if we only have clothes in it but it is not. these days, we packed in gadgets such as laptop, tablet and smartphone into it, and hence, water is the last thing you want those gadgets to come into contact with. the Incase Range Collection is a cyclist-centric bag collection that features a durable twill construction with weather-resistant coating that should keep your belongings nice and dry in the event of such wet condition. other key features include easily accessible storage compartments, signature incase device protection, faux-fur lined compartment for your laptop and cycling-specific features such as high-visibility reflective details, safety light attachment points, and padded shoulder straps that will ease the pain caused by full load. the collection includes backpack (for up to 15-inch MacBook Pro), large backpack (for up to 17-inch MacBook Pro), messenger bag (for up to 13-inch MacBook Pro), large messenger bag (for up to 15-inch MacBook Pro), and an iPhone pouch that works with all four bags. prices for the Incase Range Collection start from $29.95 for the iPhone pouch, $89.95 for the messenger, $119.95 for the backpack, $129.95 for the large messenger bag, while the large backpack will set you back at $149.95.

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