The Chivote Boombox Bag

The Chivote Boombox Bag

bag is one of those things that you can pick up at virtually any shopping malls, but therein lies the problem. at some point, we find ourselves amassing a huge collection of bags, each serving different purpose and for different occasions, which needless to say, is a needless spending and also clutters our home.

Gentleman's Survival Kit

Gentleman’s Survival Kit

the purpose of this kit is quite obvious. then again, what a man needs during an emergency varies from man to man and situation to situation, but the Gentleman’s Survival Kit you see here should covers the needs of 99 percent of the man folks population with items ranging from hatchet for cutting down woods, or for self-defense against hungry

TUMI Tegra-Lite Bulletproof Attaché

we are going to assume that if you can afford to acquire the TUMI Tegra-Lite Bulletproof Attaché, then whatever you will be putting inside it will be as valuable, be it in monetary value or for the information the content may hold. whatever it is, the valuables that you may stash within will likely make you a potential target of gun-toting criminals and in this case, the TUMI…


what does an architect has to do with backpack? nothing much, except when he or she is using one. however, you will be surprise how good will a backpack look when it’s touch by award-winning international designer and architect, Dror Benshetrit. the DROR For TUMI Backpack integrates Dror’s avant-garde design with TUMI’s tradition of design…