bobobark Vegan Backpack

Whoever says leather is the definitive material for luxury? OK. Maybe it is, well, that’s until bobobark came along. Hailing from fashion capital of the world, Paris, bobobark is vegan backpack designed by father and daughter team (collectively known as Laflore) that has garnered over $800K in funding on Kickstarter and trust me, it has really solid reasons for this unprecedented reception.

bobobark Vegan Backpack

What makes bobobark stands out is not just the unique clamshell clasp opening design; it is the material. Bobobark defies the convention of luxury by choosing to go with cork instead of genuine leather. The cork is harvested in Portugal through a zero-waste manufacturing process. It is no less durable and soft than leather, and yet it is more sustainable and clearly very humane.

Like leather it is waterproof with the bonus of it being 100 percent vegan and believe or not, 3 times lighter than the animal variety. I am no lady, but already, I am digging the clamshell clasp opening which is something you don’t see in large bags outside of small leather goods. And it is made out of brass. Classy. The clamshell clasp opens 180 degrees, affording easy access to whatever that are inside.

bobobark Vegan Backpack

Speaking of inside, it features a contrasting color interior for easy identification of whatever you are digging for and a multitude of storage, including a cushioned compartment for a 13-inch laptop, and zippered and non-zipper pockets. There is also a discreet opening for charging cable on the inside too and the bag further touts zippers on the sides for quick access to its contents without going through the main opening.

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As far as practicality goes, Bobobark offers three ways of use. It can be use as a handbag, a briefcase, as well as a chic backpack. It is truly an everyday bag.

If you enamored by bobobark has to offer, you can join the nearly 4,000 backers on Kickstarter in pre-ordering one. The super early bird perk is gone, but you can still get it a an early bird price of $199.The campaign is over 5,000 percent funded and so, it is a pre-order which Laflore will fulfill sometime in February 2020. Continue reading to find the product pitch video below.

Images courtesy of bobobark.

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