SwiftPoint, the maker of the tiniest mouse possible, is back with TRACPOINT. Like its siblings, the ProPoint, TRACPOINT is a travel mouse and a presenter. Now, for the benefit of the uninitiated, SwiftPoint line of tiny travel mice is based around the concept of ‘pen grip’ design which lets you hold the mouse with your digits naturally like you would holding a pen. It is actually a very clever mouse that serves its function as a pointing device with the bonus of doubling as a wireless presenter.

TRACPOINT Travel Mouse and Presenter

Despite its diminutive physical size, TRACPOINT still packs two physical buttons plus a scroll wheel (yes, believe it!) and it further boasts a 1,800 dpi optical sensor, support combination of tilt gestures with physical buttons, support additional pre-set functions for keyboard entry, a rechargeable battery good for 2 weeks of use on a single charge, rapid charge that provides an hour of use with just a minute of charging, and a you-will-barely-know-it-is-there feather light weight of just 24g (0.85 oz!).

With TRACPOINT, SwiftPoint appears to be banking more on the presentation part which, from what we read, is a pretty capable presenter considering its tiny form. Anywho, we shall leave it to you discover its presentation prowess on its Kickstarter campaign which is over 2,300 percent funded at the time of this post. Speaking of crowdfunding, if you are down, you can secure a unit via Kickstarter for $89. But you do have to act fast because, the campaign will end in a week’s time. Here’s a fun campaign pitch video:

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Images: SwiftPoint.

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