There is Kazoo and there is smoking pipe, and then there is The Kazoo Pipe. The Kazoo Pipe is the world’s kazoo that is also a smoking pipe. Now, tell me that does not intrigued you even if you don’t smoke. The Kazoo Pipe looks like a regular kazoo with the usual stuff like the bowl, carb and mouthpiece.

The Kazoo Pipe

It comes with two filters: a music filter and a pipe filter. Switching The Kazoo Pipe’s function is as simple as removing the bowl and placing the respective filter. This is genius. With The Kazoo Pipe, nobody will ever suspect that this humming musical instrument is also your tool to getting high.

Makes for a cool gag gift. Love the green treatment lent to it too. I suspect The Kazoo Pipe may turn out to be an heirloom of sort for some people. I don’t know, it just feel like it is to me. Get it from The Kazoo Pipe website for a discounted $19.99. Have a look at the official product video to see it in action.

The Kazoo Pipe

Images courtesy of Kazoo Pipes.

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