LEGO that transforms much like Transformers action figures isn’t new. We have seen a couple of brilliant examples (here and here) in recent years. But this creation by LEGO enthusiast Julius von Brunk takes LEGO Transformers to the next level.

LEGO Super Nintendo Transformers
No Matrix, but there’s a beautiful spring-loaded mechanism.

For a start, the alt-mode itself is super duper cool. It is a replica of the iconic Super Nintendo video game console which, btw, is almost the same size as the real deal. That’s not the only effort that deserves the mention.

The cartridge door is spring-loaded just like it was on the actual console and the entire setup, i.e. the console, the pair of game controllers, and the cartridge, all transform into robots. Note the robot is plural. So, yeah, it can transform into not one, not two, not three, but four robots.

LEGO Super Nintendo Transformers

Even more amazing is the details Julius von Brunk has incorporated into the build and how smooth the transformation is for each bot.

If you like the build (like, who doesn’t???), feel free to have a look at the build introduction video embedded below. After that, may we suggest you hit up Julius von Brunk’s YouTube channel (Baron Julius von Brunk) for even more awesome LEGO MOCs.

LEGO Super Nintendo Transformers
LEGO Super Nintendo Transformers
I guess you could call this a reverse combiner?

Images: Flickr (Julius von Brunk).

via nintendolife.

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