Xiaomi Mi Note 10 Smartphone

It seems like Xiaomi sees the world as two divides: China and Rest of the World. On November 6, it has announced the Xiaomi Mi Note 10, claiming it as the “first 108 MP Penta Cam” smartphone when it in fact it had officially announced the world’s first smartphone to rock a 108 MP Penta Cam, the Mi CC9 Pro, a day or two before.

If the Mi Note 10 is the “first”, why would Xiaomi sent its CC9 Pro to DxOMark for the cameras to be evaluated and not the former when it is obvious it is the global version? This kind of make the China handset maker has no clear direction.

Anywho, we are not here to discuss the company’s culture. We are here for the Mi Note 10. After all, it is more important than CC9 Pro because, it will be a device that most of us outside of China will be able to buy. That said, we need not to say more because, the Mi Note 10 is practically the Mi CC9 Pro, spec-for-spec – save maybe for the software end.

The two are identical from the mid-range Qualcomm Snapdragon SoC to the 6.47-inch curved AMOLED display to, of course, the crazy 5-camera setup on the back.

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Even the promo images are the same:

OK. Maybe they are not quite identical, identical as we noted that the Mi Note 10 only comes in 6 GB RAM and 128 GB storage, while the CC9 Pro gets a choice of 6 GB/128 GB and 8 GB/ 256 GB.

Plus, a couple of other differences would be the presence of Google services which the China handset does not have and the support for Google Pay, as opposed to Mi Pay.

Since it is basically a CC9 Pro clone, it also means it ain’t no top ranger. It is a mid-range phone, as hinted by its mid-range chipset, Qualcomm Snapdragon 730G Mobile Platform.

We don’t official words on its availability and price, but we heard it will sell for 549 euros (around US$607) in EU when it becomes available.

Image courtesy of Xiaomi.