Feel the power of the darkness as you inscribe Tengwar script on your meeting notes with the newest The Lord of the Rings-themed luxury writing instrument. The Lord of the Rings: Eye of Sauron may not be as literal as its forebear released last year, but it will be more friendly to your digits as you write.

The Lord of the Rings: Eye of Sauron Pen

Don’t be fooled by its unassuming design. Atop of this sinister black pillar, on which the all-seeing eye looms on a dark-black ruthenium pocket-clip, is a replica of the One Ring – complete with the Tengwar script inscribed on it.

As a boon, it can be unfastened even your greed compels you to, but you probably can’t wear and enter the world of the wraiths – unless you finger is as slender as the pen itself. As for the Eye of Sauron… it is minimalist, but it does glow – thanks to the applied by hand Super-LumiNova enamel.

The Montegrappa The Lord of the Rings: Eye of Sauron Writing Instrument is available as a fountain, roller, or ballpoint, and each pen comes in a special souvenir case, laminated with parchment-like paper and gold foil to recreate the ancient map of Middle-Earth.

This unique writing instrument can be had for $365-395.

The Lord of the Rings: Eye of Sauron Pen

Images: Montegrappa.

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