Dr. Martens 1460 Yohji Yamamoto Remastered Boots

We did it again. Sign. We made a mistake, again. Dr. Martens x Sex Pistol IS NOT the fourth collab of the promised 12 collaborations to celebrate the birth of Dr. Martens. It was this: 1460 Yohji Yamamoto Remastered Boots.

It is pointless to say anything about this pair of kicks because, it is sold. But in case you need to know, the following are the official words:

“Like in the first ever DM’s collaboration back in 2007 where Yamamoto added a side zip — motivated by his desire to enjoy our boots more practically — both his admiration for Docs boots and his non-traditional spirit shines through again in 2020. And in this new 1460 Remastered collaboration, it’s coming through louder than ever…

1460 Yohji Yamamoto Leather Ankle Web boot is crafted from a black Smooth Splice leather and disrupted with Yohji Yamamato’s stand-out lasered spider web print. Laces are wound into a decorative antique spider and the tongue features Yamamato’s signature embossed into the leather.”

TLDR: It has smooth splice leather, spider-web print and bespoke antique-effect spider, and more importantly, it is gone – even at £600 ($745!) a pair.

I blame it on Google for happily pushing my mails from Dr. Martens to the promotional box. Why the hell you do that for, Google??? Anyways, speaking of which, may we suggest you sign up to be notified of future releases. Just make sure you check your promotional box frequently if you are using Gmail.

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Dr. Martens 1460 Yohji Yamamoto Remastered Boots

Images: Dr. Martens.