Montegrappa The Lord Of The Rings: The Eye Of Sauron Pen Has A Removable One Ring

Feel the power of the darkness as you inscribe Tengwar script on your meeting notes with the newest The Lord of the Rings-themed luxury writing instrument. The Lord of the Rings: Eye of Sauron may not be as literal as its forebear released last year, but it will be more friendly to your digits as […]

This Halloween, Eye Of Sauron Turned San Francisco Into Middle-earth

For this Halloween, San Francisco temporary became Mordor where the Eye of Sauron kept watch over the city as it perched on top of Salesforce Tower and boy, it was a sight to behold. So, if you were around the area and had the One Ring, and you somehow felt strange on Halloween night, you […]

Tree Burning From The Inside Looks Absolutely Like LOTR’s Eye of Sauron

If you have the One Ring from Lord of the Rings, I would advise you not to wear it for the Eye of Sauron would have know you had that One Ring even if you are outside the fantasy land of Middle Earth. As it turns out the Great Eye is not exclusive to J.R.R. […]

LEGO Lord Of The Rings: The Tower of Orthanc

the Tower of Orthanc was probably one of the most prominent and recognizable icon in the Lord of the Rings trilogy – apart from the little man with huge, hairy feet, and the grey-turn-white wizard, and the fiery Eye of Sauron, and the one Ring that rules them all, and… anyway, you get the idea.

Lord of the Ring Fire Pit: The One Fire Pit To Rule All Fire Pits

Need a fire pit warm up a gathering in the backyard? Well, the Fellowship of the Ring have you covered – courtesy of Michigan-based Cutting Edge Steelwork. There are many options for outdoor warm, but there is nothing like having a fiery ring that resembles the most powerful artifacts ever created in Middle-Earth, the One […]

Lord of the Rings Litter Box and Scratching Post Made Super Tolkien Fan Extremely Ecstatic

Self-professed/girlfriend-acknowledged Tolkien super fan Misha and his pair of feline friends named Frodo and Sam are probably the luckiest bunch ever. Why? Because Tim Baker and his team of master prop builders have custom built a cat litter box and scratching post resembling the Hobbit-hole or Smial and Tower of Sauron, respectively. Man, it couldn’t […]

LEGO Architecture San Francisco Skyline Features A New Landmark

Now, here’s a new LEGO Architect set that will not appeal to old schoolers. We are talking about the new LEGO 21043 Architecture San Francisco. The set, as the name implies, features the familiar San Francisco skyline, or should I say, an updated San Francisco skyline which now includes the newly minted, towering Salesforce Tower […]