Need a fire pit warm up a gathering in the backyard? Well, the Fellowship of the Ring have you covered – courtesy of Michigan-based Cutting Edge Steelwork. There are many options for outdoor warm, but there is nothing like having a fiery ring that resembles the most powerful artifacts ever created in Middle-Earth, the One Ring.

Lord of the Ring Fire Pit by Cutting Edge Steelwork

Thankfully, this super sized will not draw stares from the Eye of Sauron. I skeptical Gollum will be interested either. The Fire Ring to Rule Them All, LOTR Fire Ring/Fire Pit, is made of raw steel with cut out of the Black Speech inscription in Tengwar script – just like the actual One Ring.

Do note that this gigantic ring does not have any magical power and it will not let you lord over the Elves or be the master of other Rings.

Lord of the Ring Fire Pit by Cutting Edge Steelwork

Also, it does not have the contour of the One Ring and it isn’t in gold. In fact, it does not come any finish. After all, it is a fire pit. And fire will just destroy any finish.

If you are interested, you may find the Lord of the Rings Fire Pit from Cutting Edge Steelwork store on Etsy. It is available in several sizes, ranging from 30 x 12 inches to 48 x 18 inches, with prices starting at US$175.

Lord of the Ring Fire Pit by Cutting Edge Steelwork

Images: Etsy (Cutting Edge Steelwork).

Source: Tools & Toys.

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