asking what traffic cones have to do with culinary is like asking a regular street folk if they have walked the red earth. which means they have absolutely nothing in common and that’s what makes it so distinctively novel if you have a pair of salt & pepper shakers designed as miniature traffic cones. such is what the Traffic Cones Salt & Pepper Shakers are. designed by the same studio who brought to you the irresistibly cute pallet coasters and desk crates, these mini traffic cones are designed for your favorite spice concoctions such as salt and pepper. honestly, we have seen quite a number novel salt & pepper shakers, but this really takes the cake. who would have thought you could have traffic cones right on your dinning table? and oh, in case you haven’t notice, they come as a pair; one in the authentic orange hue for salt and the other, in black for pepper. in place of the usual ‘white reflective stripes’ are transparent ‘stripes’ that allows you or your guests to take a peek of what’s contain within them. the transparent portions are also an excellent differentiation from your kids’ toy traffic cones so that they won’t mistake spices for their toys, but then again, who’s stopping them (or you) from zipping the RC car around the cones? the truth is, we’d be tempted to do so. well, you didn’t hear from us. the Traffic Cones Salt & Pepper Shakers are up for grab for just €16 a set from Design Studio Labyrinth web store, or if you are residing in Stateside, you can grab a set off Design Boom store for US$22. click through for a few more look.

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