Pallet Coasters & Desk Crates

Pallet Coasters and Desk Crates
Pallet Coasters & Desk Crates | from €12.90 |

looking for something to give your coffee table and desk that extra special look? easy. just throw in a few pallets and wooden crates, and it will have any style geeks, man or women, nodding with approval. of course, we are not asking you to use actual pallets or wooden crates, unless you love the idea of a pallet-based coffee table and have loads of space to use crates as storage shelves (which is not a bad idea too) but that’s beside the point. we are referring to these miniature pallet coasters (set of 5 for €12.90) and scaled down wooden crates (set of 3 for €23.90). the former is the exact replica of the real life European pallets at 1:10 scale and have uses that needs no explanation (it’s for your hot or cold drink to sit on, what else?). the Inbox aka miniature wooden crates, on the other hand, are general storage containers make cool by the fact that they are scaled down pine crates and like its life-size counterpart, their uses are limited by your imagination. it comes in a set of 3, in three different sizes that nest one within the other (think: Matryoshka, the Russian nesting doll) and can be used for consolidating stationery, business cards, cutlery or pretty much anything that can fit in there. the Pallets Coasters (officially known as Palette-it) and Desk Crates (officially, Inbox) are the brainchild of Barcelona-based design studio, Labyrinth. for those residing in the U.S., you can grab yours from Cool Material for $18 and $30 for the Pallet Coasters and the Desk Crates, respectively.

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