After introducing the novel idea of combining a massage chair with a gaming chair, Singapore-based international massage chair maker OSIM has expanded its gaming massage chair portfolio to include IPs like Marvel and now, Transformers.

The officially licensed Transformers x OSIM Gaming Massage Chairs have joined the OSIM Gaming Series massage chair with two models: the OSIM uThrone V Transformers Edition Gaming Chair and the uThrone S Transformers Edition Gaming Chair.

Each model is further offered in two designs: Bumblebee and Optimus Prime. It is a shame Megatron isn’t part of it. You know. This villain does have quite a huge fan base, perhaps even larger than Bumblebee. Just saying…

As denoted by the respective product name, the Transformers models are based on the existing line of gaming massage chairs, namely, uThrone S and uThrone V. The former offers an ergonomic throne for gaming – complete with a lumbar cushion – and vibration massage with 3 levels of intensity.

OSIM uThrone S Transformer Gaming Massage Chair
OSIM uThrone S Transformers Gaming Massage Chair

It further features a 4D adjustable gaming armrest, completely adjustable back, integrated control panel, ability to recline up to 155°, and a multi-tilt mechanism.

The chairs are finished in the familiar colors of the respective Autobots, i.e. yellow and black with a touch of gray for Bumblebee and red, blue, and white for Optimus Prime – complete with weathering effects, which is a pretty nice touch, IMHO.

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The included lumbar support features the Autobot logo. Around the back is a line image of Bumblebee or Optimus Prime (also very cool).

If you are looking for a more comprehensive massage experience, the uThrone V is the chair of choice. It has three areas of massage: neck, shoulders, and lumbar, bolstered by specialized massage programs.

Other highlights include a 4D adjustable gaming armrest, completely adjustable back, ability to recline up to 145°, integrated control panel, side hook for your gaming gears such as headphones, and cable clips to route your cable neatly under the uThrone V.

The OSIM uThrone V Transformers Edition Gaming Chair is presented in the respective Autobots’ colors with racing stripes styling. Around the back of each chair is the line art of Bumblebee or Optimus Prime.

The Transformers edition of gaming massage chairs is not available in the U.S. They are available in Singapore (from S$649), Malaysia (for 2,088 Malaysia Ringgit and up), as well as in China (2,599 RMB and up).

OSIM uThrone V Transformer Gaming Massage Chair
OSIM uThrone V Transformers Gaming Massage Chair

Images: OSIM [SG].

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