350000 LEGO Bricks Rebuild The World Globe

During the lockdown, LEGO asked children around the world to let their imagination run wild using LEGO elements. The creations of over 430 children from 30 countries were selected and incorporated into this giant 4-meter (13-foot) wide LEGO globe installation, as part of the Rebuild the World campaign. The result is absolutely amazing.

350000 LEGO Bricks Rebuild The World Globe

Altogether, the creations were divided into five categories: nature, vehicles, fantasy creatures, objects and places, forming part of the 350,000+ LEGO bricks and elements globe and it took a team of LEGO builders 2,700 hours to build.

The LEGO Rebuild the World Globe installation is now on display at LEGO House in Billund, Denmark. For some reasons, it makes me want a LEGO globe.

350000 LEGO Bricks Rebuild The World Globe

I don’t know why. Perhaps, it is the vibrancy and the variant that makes the entire thing feel colorful, and the no hold barred imagination of these children that symbolizes hope that we all need in this unprecedented time.

On a related news… if you missed the opportunity to contribute to the giant LEGO globe but still want to contribute. The good news is, LEGO is creating a digital version of the globe and you can be part of the digital LEGO Globe by submitting your creations to LEGO.com.

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All images courtesy of LEGO Group.