LEGO Ideas VR-052 Ride-Armor by daikoncat

Here’s a LEGO Ideas submission that is sure to tug the heartstrings of those grew up in the 70s and 80s. What you see here is the VR-052 Ride-Armor aka Battle Cyclone inspired by 80s cartoon series, Robotech, by LEGO Ideas member daikoncat. Pretty wild, right?

LEGO Ideas VR-052 Ride-Armor by daikoncat

For those who don’t know, Robotech is the American adaption of the Japanese anime Genesis Climber Mospeada. VR-052 is, of course, one of the motorcycles that can transform to become a wearable mecha suit the heroes use to kick some alien asses.

No further information was available with to this awesome build. However, we do know it is kind of transformable from rider and motorcycle into a combat exoskeleton suit.

LEGO Ideas VR-052 Ride-Armor by daikoncat

The licensing could be a tricky issue with this one, but who cares. Lets give it the support it need and help it get to the next milestone first. If anyone’s interested, you can learn about this fantasy tech HERE.

Meanwhile, for those don’t know what a Genesis Climber Mospeada VR-052 looks like, here’s a reference photo:

Sentinel Riobot VR-052 Battle Cyclone
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