Tesla Cybertruck. Possibly the most successful truck in the automobile industry’s history that has yet to see a production model. It has been parodied, replicated, and even have official toys and unofficial scale models. And now there’s even a monster truck version.

Tesla Cybertruck Monster Truck Concept Render

3D rendering specialist SHUBBAK3D sure knows how to get conversation started. The outfit is promoting its 3D rendering services with a 3D render of the Tesla Cybertruck Monster Truck Concept.

No information were offered and rightly so because, after all, it is merely a 3D render. On the other hand, there’s nothing mind-blowing. It looks like it is based on the company’s previous off-road Tesla Cybertruck render, but with a monster truck chassis and giant size wheels.

Tesla Cybertruck Monster Truck Concept Render

But I am not going to lie, I dig the render even though it does make any sense, especially with the regular size wheel up top along with a pair of Jerry cans (perhaps for water? I mean, the driver gotta drink at some point, right?).

I will remain faithful to Feld Entertainment’s Grave Digger, though. And no, if monster trucks were to go electric, it will never be reals monster trucks. No loud engine roaring and no dizzying petrol smoke filled arena will be like Star Wars battle in space. No sound and no fiery explosion.

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Images: Instagram (shubbak.3d).

Source: Teslarati.

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