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there is something particularly alluring about repurposed objects or anything that’s old and given a new lease of life. case in point: the Tombox. its name don’t immediately give away what it is but i guess you already know what is from the teaser image above: they are speaker system rebuilt from old loudspeakers or anything that looks like loudspeakers, and the result is pretty spectacular. available in several models, ranging from small hand carry models to huge system that has castors, complete with leather leash to keep in tow to wherever you go. as for the looks, they are totally retro-licious and varies from true wooden grilles that hailed from 60s/70s to the more familiar metal mesh grilles. the star feature is obviously their looks, accompanied by a generously-sized volume knob, and a 3.5mm audio plug with cable for, you guess it, your audio player. no fancy wireless connectivity. it is just (extremely) stylish and functional. available from Tombox Shop with prices ranging from €190 to €420 (around US$234 to US$517) each.

Tombox via Uncrate

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