Legion Pallet Table – pallet turned into awesome coffee table

Legion Pallet Table 544x311px
(image credit: Made.com) Legion Pallet Table | £149.00 | www.made.com

shipping pallet is the last thing you would pay attention to but that would change if you look at the Legion Pallet Table from Made.com. i am sure you know what a pallet is but if you don’t, then i can’t help you in that department. then again, when you see one, you will go “ah… that’s what you are talking about.” repurposing our everyday objects into something more useful is nothing new but this coffee table repurposed out from Made.com’s very own shipping pallet is something totally dope. these reclaimed pallets are hand treated in UK with sandblasting for the textured finish and waxing to complete its dark golden brown look. four robust industrial castor wheels, two with brakes, complete the table. what’s more, since each coffee table started their life as an actual shipping pallets, no two tables are the same. i am totally sold by the concept and look. naturally, uniqueness never comes cheap. the Legion Pallet Table will set you back at £149 (about US$244) and the best part is, it comes assembled. a couple more look at the Legion Pallet Table after the break.
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Legion Pallet Table 544x288px

Legion Pallet Table 544x282px

Made.com via Cool Materials

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