If you are a coffee drinker who camp often, you will agree that making coffee when out in the wild has its challenges. First, there is the problem maintaining the heat. Then there’s the risk breaking the coffee maker and the lack of capacity to make enough coffee to fuel you for the rest of the days in the wild.

Coletti Boulder Camping French Press
Excellent for picnics too.

With the Coletti Boulder Camping French Press, it promised to address all those challenges and then some. For starter, it is made of AISI 304 steel – the same 14-gauge industry-standard material used in building construction. So, this is a tough little fellow.

Next, it promised to keep your coffee hotter for longer. With an airtight lid and thick 1.5 mm steel walls, separated by 2 mm of vacuum-sealed space, it will keep your Joe steaming hot for four hours and warm for many more hours.

Coletti Boulder Camping French Press

Coletti Boulder is big too. At 42 ounces, it has the capacity to provide coffee for up to 10 person. 10! That’s hell lot of coffee for one that is designed to be portable and for camping.

Furthermore, this new kid in the French press block also has a spill-proof and thanks to the unique mechanism that complete separates the grounds from the coffee, your favorite coffee will not turn bitter when contained inside.

Coletti Boulder Camping French Press

Plus, it is one hell of a looker for a French press and one that you don’t mind having in the kitchen.

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If anyone’s interested, you can learn more about the Coletti Boulder Camping French Press on Kickstarter where it is being crowdfunded.

Coletti Boulder Camping French Press

Images: Coletti Coffee.

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