Over past five years or so, minimalist wallet is all the rage. We have featured a fair number of them. And if you haven’t already gotten into the hype at this point, well then, I suppose you will never.

Claustrum Articular Wallet Anti-minimalist Wallet

In that case, it is safe to assume everything in your wallet matters and if that’s the case, you will be glad to learn about the Claustrum Articular Wallet, a wallet that does not require you to sacrifice your wallet contents.

It is an anti-minimalist wallet. In fact, I think it is not only anti-minimalist, but it is anti-conventional even. I mean, just look at how bulk up it can get:

Claustrum Articular Wallet Anti-minimalist Wallet

General features include an accordion-style card slots for whatever card you may have, a snap secured coin compartment, a long slot for bills, and a unique polyester-reinforced leather and stainless steel construction. The latter kind of makes it look rather futuristic or cyberpunk-ish.

Then again, in the future, people don’t really carry cash and cards, do they? Probably not. In future, we probably have chips embedded in the forearm or something like that.

Anywho, the Claustrum Articular Wallet does not come cheap. Expect to shell out anywhere between US$260 to US$410 for one.

Images: Claustrum.

Source: the gadgeteer.

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