OZAKI iSuppli Gramo iPhone Speaker – power free, gramo-style

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(image credit: OZAKI) OZAKI iSuppli Gramo | US$69.99 | www.ozaki.us

miss your grandpa’s gramophone? well, here’s your fix for that but with a 21st century twist. meet OZAKI iSuppli Gramo, it lets you listen to your favorite tunes, do FaceTime with sound amplification, minus the need for power. yeap, it’s yet another iPhone speaker that takes advantage of natural acoustic amplification, which is not new to OZAKI too but this one has a retro take to it with its gramophone style speaker. that aside, it is also a stand for your iPhone and with a cable, it charges and sync your phone too. the OZAKI iSuppli Gramo can be yours for $69.90.
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OZAKI via FreshPilot

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