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winner for OZAKI iCarry FaceTime Stand Giveaway

OZAKI iCarry FaceTime Stand - winner announced!
(image: OZAKI/mikeSHOUTS)

response for this giveaway is not as good as we have expected, nevertheless, we still do have a winner. congratulations to Juan Manuel Saldarriaga! we have already send you a message and once we hear from Juan with the necessary shipping details, we will be sending out the OZAKI iCarry FaceTime Stand asap. cheers!

OZAKI O!Photo-Bumper+ and O!Photo-Gear

OZAKI O!Photo-Bumper+ and O!Photo-Gear
(image: OZAKI) OZAKI O!Photo-Bumper+ and O!Photo-Gear | US$tba | www.ozaki.us

iPhone photography or iPhonegraphy, as we like to call it, has generated quite a cult following since the introduction of the 2nd generation iPhone. while we have no complain about its quality as far as smartphone photography is concerned, we do face the problem of toting it in style or perhaps, getting it to mount on a camera tripod. the OZAKI O!Photo-Bumper and -Gear are designed to solved those two particular woes. the former is a bulked up bumper case that incorporates a tripod mount for mounting on most camera tripods. other features of the O!Photo-Bumper includes sleek aluminum construction, stainless steel power and volume buttons, adjustable tripod sockets, strap eyelet for attaching a lanyard, and a screw-free installation (unlike the ElementCase). the O!Photo-Gear, also features an integrated tripod mount on the case, which also doubles as an anti-drop lanyard mount (included). Continue reading OZAKI O!Photo-Bumper+ and O!Photo-Gear

OZAKI iCarry FaceTime Stand Giveaway

OZAKI iCarry FaceTime Stand with Powerless Amplifier
(credit: OZAKI)

it is the time again to give away free stuff on [email protected] this time round, we have an authentic OZAKI iCarry FaceTime Stand with Powerless Amplifier to give away. we love this accessory the moment we first set eyes on it and we want one lucky reader to have this for free – courtesy of this blog. honestly, powerless amplification or natural amplification, as we like to call it, for iPhone 4 is a dime a dozen in the market and you probably already own at least one. however, what makes this little device here stands out is probably its design. fashioned after the famous LEGO bricks, albeit being a little over size, this nifty gadget promised to deliver more than 15dB of power-free audio amplification and also doubles as a convenient stand for your iPhone 4 or 4S for use with FaceTime or watching video. Continue reading OZAKI iCarry FaceTime Stand Giveaway

OZAKI iSuppli Gramo iPhone Speaker – power free, gramo-style

OZAKI iSuppli Gramo 544x500px
(image credit: OZAKI) OZAKI iSuppli Gramo | US$69.99 | www.ozaki.us

miss your grandpa’s gramophone? well, here’s your fix for that but with a 21st century twist. meet OZAKI iSuppli Gramo, it lets you listen to your favorite tunes, do FaceTime with sound amplification, minus the need for power. yeap, it’s yet another iPhone speaker that takes advantage of natural acoustic amplification, which is not new to OZAKI too but this one has a retro take to it with its gramophone style speaker. that aside, it is also a stand for your iPhone and with a cable, it charges and sync your phone too. the OZAKI iSuppli Gramo can be yours for $69.90. Continue reading OZAKI iSuppli Gramo iPhone Speaker – power free, gramo-style

OZAKI iCarry Excavator – multi-angle stand for iPad

OZAKI iCarry Excavator 544x316px
(image credit: OZAKI) OZAKI iCarry Excavator | US$119.00 | www.ozaki.us

finally, one stand that does it all. meet the OZAKI iCarry Excavator – an iPad stand designed with maximum adjustability as far as orientation and angle are concerned. basically, it is a stand for your iPad that you can use for watching video, reading a book, surf the web, do your digital doodling, write emails and even play games such as car racing games. for iPad car racing game enthusiasts, the 360-degrees freedom of turning will make you feel like you are holding on to an actual steering wheel, well, almost. thanks to its adjustable rubberized arm, it will fit both the iPad 2 and the original iPad, even with its case on. the collapsible design of the stand means that you can pack it up and bring it along with you anywhere, anytime. the OZAKI iCarry Excavator carries a retail price of $119 and is available in silver or black model. check out a video of the stand in action after the break. Continue reading OZAKI iCarry Excavator – multi-angle stand for iPad

Nautilus iPhone 4 Dock is one arty zinc alloy dock

OZKI Nautilus iPhone 4 Dock 544x338px
(image credit: OZAKI) OZAKI Nautilus iPhone 4 Dock | £79.99 | www.ozaki.us

this iPhone 4 dock looks like a piece of contemporary art in its zinc alloy form. connecting to your computer via USB, the OZAKI Nautilus iPhone 4 dock will charge and sync your iPhone 4. it also provides a non-powered, natural amplification for your iPhone 4 when dock. nice, though no doubts this will be a huge fingerprints magnet. we love the knurled footings (not visible on the image, but there are there). Continue reading Nautilus iPhone 4 Dock is one arty zinc alloy dock