OZKI Nautilus iPhone 4 Dock 544x338px
(image credit: OZAKI) OZAKI Nautilus iPhone 4 Dock | £79.99 | www.ozaki.us

this iPhone 4 dock looks like a piece of contemporary art in its zinc alloy form. connecting to your computer via USB, the OZAKI Nautilus iPhone 4 dock will charge and sync your iPhone 4. it also provides a non-powered, natural amplification for your iPhone 4 when dock. nice, though no doubts this will be a huge fingerprints magnet. we love the knurled footings (not visible on the image, but there are there).

shiny new gadget ain’t going to be cheap. the Nautilus iPhone 4 Dock retails for £79.99 (about $129) a pop and is available via Firebox. but hey, it’s zinc alloy which means it is heavy, and you can double up the value by making it your paperweight. just saying.

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OZKI Nautilus iPhone 4 Dock image2 640x400px

OZAKI via Chip Chick