OZAKI iCarry FaceTime Stand Giveaway

OZAKI iCarry FaceTime Stand with Powerless Amplifier
(credit: OZAKI)

it is the time again to give away free stuff on tech@mikeshouts. this time round, we have an authentic OZAKI iCarry FaceTime Stand with Powerless Amplifier to give away. we love this accessory the moment we first set eyes on it and we want one lucky reader to have this for free – courtesy of this blog. honestly, powerless amplification or natural amplification, as we like to call it, for iPhone 4 is a dime a dozen in the market and you probably already own at least one. however, what makes this little device here stands out is probably its design. fashioned after the famous LEGO bricks, albeit being a little over size, this nifty gadget promised to deliver more than 15dB of power-free audio amplification and also doubles as a convenient stand for your iPhone 4 or 4S for use with FaceTime or watching video. most importantly, it has a cheerful colorway that is set cheer up your desktop. so what’s not to love? now you will have chance to own one of these for free, simply by posting a comment in this post. that’s it. i know what you are thinking about but seriously, there’s no catch at all. all we ask for is your comment – just any comment but nothing vulgar, if we may make that wee request. the OZAKI iCarry FaceTime Stand with Powerless Amplifier giveaway contest will end this coming Friday (December 16, 2011), 1159 hrs EST. well, what are you waiting for? go on and starting posting your comments! hit past the jump for a few more look and tell us you don’t one of these on your desk.
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