Shouts Wishes Everyone A Merry Christmas And Happy And Safe 2021!

The world is on its toes in 2020 which we wished it isn’t. But reality is, it is happening and it looks it is not going away anytime soon. So, in addition to wishing everyone who is celebrating Christmas a Merry Christmas and a Happy 2021, we wish everyone safe.

Mikeshouts Wish Everyone A Merry Christmas And A Tech-tastic 2019!

That’s right, people. It is time of the year that yours truly crafted a short message wishing everyone a Merry Christmas and a super Happy New Year. Is it just me, or time is going at warp speed these days? It felt like it was not too long ago that we did this, and already […]

Mikeshouts Wish Everyone A Merry Christmas And A Happy 2019!

Time flies. A blink of an eye, we are counting down to yet another new year. Man, didn’t we just did that not too long ago? No?Hmmm. In 24 hours (or less, depending on where on Earth you are), it will be Christmas and with it, means the year is drawing to close, like super […]

Mikeshouts Sincerely Wishes Everyone A Rocktastic 2018 Ahead!

This is to expected: a week after Christmas and a brand new year is upon us, again. Man, that was fast, isn’t it? We are both excited and apprehensive at the same time because, come on, lets face it, anything new is always exciting, but it is also a time when we reflect on what […]

Mikeshouts Wishes Everyone A Merry Christmas And A Rocking New Year!

Already? Man. Time does fly, doesn’t it? Wasn’t it just yesterday we wished you a fabulous Christmas and a racing awesome new year? Dang! A year has past. Anywho, whenever Christmas is upon us, it is also a signal that the year is coming to an end.. like, super soon. Nothing much, really. It is […]

Team Mikeshouts Wishes Everyone Out There A Very Happy 2017!

As we stepped into 2017, we reflect on what we have achieved in 2016 and it was, well, nothing. I know it sounds kind of sad and it is. Initially, there was a huge plan for the site as we were crossing into 2016, but it was shelved indefinitely due to unforeseeable circumstances. The thing […]

Merry Christmas And An Awesome New Year From MikeShouts

It seems like it was just yesterday when we last wished you, our readers, a very Merry Christmas and it is again, the time of the year and this means a brand new year is around the corner. And it is also a cue for to be Merry. Regardless of our beliefs and creeds, we […]