Shouts Wishes Everyone A Merry And Super Safe Christmas

That’s right. It is another Holiday season and yet, the pandemic is showing no sign of letting up. What a time to live in, don’t ya think? Ugh. Unlike Christmas before 2020, this year’s Christmas well wishes from us would be like 2020’s and that is for all of us to be safe. So, here we are wishing our readers who are celebrating Christmas a Happy and Safe Christmas and a Merry 2021.

I wish I could say “as long everyone does their part, we can end this pandemic”. Unfortunately, getting everyone to cooperate is easier said than done. Oh well… Just try your best if you are reading this so that we can back to what it was before as soon as possible. Come on, folks, it is not hard at all.

As before, we shall leave you guys with virtual fireworks:

Animated GIF: Best Animations.

Featured image: Unsplash (Jamie Street).