It looks like having different System on Chip on the same phone for different regions is not the odd thing Samsung did. Recently, the South Korea handset maker has announced a partnership with Danish textile brand Kvadrat to create a line of “eco-friendly accessory.” And guess what?

So far, this Samsung x Kvadrat accessories only covers (pun intended) Samsung Galaxy S20+ and Samsung Galaxy Watch Active2. Why just S20+? We have absolutely no idea. Strange that companies have been boasting how good their phones look and yet they are also selling cases to have them cover up. It is indeed a very duh moment. Anyways, that’s another story for another day.

Samsung x Kvadrat Smartphone Case

Samsung Galaxy S20+ 5G Kvadrat Cover is made from upcycled material, specifically, plastic bottle-source yarn. 500 ml plastic bottles are melted and reformulated into texture yarns, which is then use to made the case.

In the case of this phone case, one plastic bottle can produce 2 Galaxy S20+ phone cases and every time, Kvadrat does that, it reduces the number of plastic bottles ending up at landfills.

Here’s an infographic of the “transformation” if you are interested:

From Plastic Bottle to Phone Case

Samsung Galaxy S20+ 5G Kvadrat Cover is not alone. Samsung will also be releasing watch bands for Galaxy Watch Active2 made out of Kvadrat textiles and other sustainable materials.

While Samsung Galaxy S20+ 5G Kvadrat Cover is available as we speak for $49.90 a pop, no words on the availability and pricing of the Kvadrat watch bands.

Samsung Galaxy Watch Active2 Band made with Kvadrat

A portion of the revenue from the sales of the case will be donated to UN Development Program (UNDP) in support of the 17 Global Goals (basically, sustainable development goals that address some of the biggest challenges faced by the world – including climate change.

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All images courtesy of Samsung.

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