Mercedes-Benz Style Furniture Collection

Mercedes-Benz Style Furniture Collection
(photos: Daimler) Mercedes-Benz Style Furniture | €tba |

sometime one may have such deep-rooted love for everything or anything a particular marque serves up to the masses. in this case, if you have an insatiable appetite for Mercedes-Benz design flavor and wished to enjoy those design flair even when you are at home, then you are in luck. the Stuttgart folks have teamed up with Italian luxury furniture maker Formitalia to bring to you the Mercedes-Benz Style Furniture Collection that includes a sofa, chaise lounge, sideboard, dining table, chairs, shelving unit with integrated home theater system, bed and chest of drawers. each piece of the furniture will feature an unmistakable automotive-inspired styling and of course, a subtle Mercedes-Benz branding. coming to you soon from exclusive furniture stores, showrooms and interior design stores in October 2012. hit the jump for a few more look, including some computer generated imageries. be sure to read the description, courtesy of Mercedes-Benz, while you at it.

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