Over the last 10 years, we have featured quite a number of lunchboxes here. We have seen the tactical, fit-for-apocalypse lunchbag, the fun ones, the healthy ones, and even a self-heating lunchbox. Just when we thought the latter would be the epitome of high-tech lunchboxes, this came along: SunnySide Solar-powered Lunchbox.

SunnySide Solar-powered Lunchbox

Yup. You heard right my friends. SunnySide is a lunchbox that has a solar panel on it. The solar cells are used to charge the onboard battery, of course, and the onboard battery can double as a handy power bank in time of emergency. How’s that for a high-tech lunchbox.

Oh? That’s not high-tech enough for you? How about it has a built-in thermometer and a sensor app that allows you to control the temperature of the lunchbox? If that isn’t a high-tech lunchbox, we don’t know what is.

SunnySide Solar-powered Lunchbox

There is, of course, the heating function that will let you heat up the food in minutes. Under the hood, it has induction coils that heat up the food at up to 75 degrees Celsius (167 Fahrenheit).

The 10,000 mAh onboard battery allows up to 7 times reheating on a single charge. It charges 100% in just 2 hours via USB-C. As for the solar panel, SunnySide said it will charge 500 mAh in an hour and so, it really is an energy booster than as the main source of charging. But when you are out and about without a wall outlet or generator, the solar panel can come in handy.

SunnySide Solar-powered Lunchbox

Keeping food warm and heating up your lunch are not the only things it can do. It can keep stuff like ice cream, cakes, and whatnot chilled too. In addition to the induction coils, it has a cooling element and 3 fans, plus thick insulation, chill food can stay chill for a day.

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If you are sold by the idea, you may want to consider joining the 1,600+ backers on Kickstarter in pre-ordering SunnySide Lunchbox for US$69 or more. The campaign has met its funding goal. This means, it is a go and if all goes as planned, backers of a product should be seeing this high-tech lunchbox sometime in October 2022.

SunnySide Solar-powered Lunchbox

All images courtesy of SunnySide.

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