multi-tools based around pliers are not unchartered ground for Gerber, but the MP1 Multi-Tool takes that concept to the next level with the distinctive butterfly design and high-quality carbon steel (6150 for you geeks out there), spring-loaded jaws that’s ready to take on any beatings you can serve up, while a textured G-10 composite handle provides the grip necessary, be it wet or dry. the MP1 is packed with 12 pro-grade tools comprising of the said pliers with integrated wire strippers and diagonal cutters for electrical projects, a pry that doubles as a bottle opener, a large serrated blade and a large fine edge blade – both crafted from 420 HC stainless steel, a heavy-duty pry bar, a removable magnetic #2 Phillips bit, two sizes of flat screwdriver, and an utility blade for other rough works that could otherwise damage the fine edge blade.

the multi-tools on the handle can be accessed when the handles are closed and features integrated wedge lock to avoid accidental closure and secures all components for safe use. each pair of Gerber MP1 Multi-Tool is assembled in the U.S.A. and comes standard with a polyester sheath. the Gerber MP1 Multi-Tool is listed for $115 on Gerber, but there are some pretty good deals on Amazon if anyone cares to know.

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