how technology has impact us is debatable. you can say it has improved our lives, or you could say it has made us lazier. anyhow, debatable or not, that won’t change the fact that Amazon Dash is going to be here to make our lives even more convenient (or lazier, depending on your stand) – as if AmazonFresh itself isn’t convenient enough. anyway, the story goes that this WiFi-enabled, pen-like device is actually a LED barcode scanner that you can use to scan whatever you want to purchase. when you’re done with the scanning, all you have to do is to log into your AmazonFresh account, review your orders and submit. according to Amazon, you can expect most of the orders right at your doorstep the next day. how’s that for the ultimate in convenience?

additionally, a built-in microphone allows you to use voice input to log in your orders for times when you don’t have immediate access to the products at home, or because the barcode is defaced. you can see the Dash as the epitome of convenience, or laziness, but we see it as Amazon’s attempt to encourage buying by ‘eliminating’ another step in ordering process. however, the Dash will be restricted to parts of California and Washington State where AmazonFresh is live. it is free though if you happen to be in covered regions and is a member of Prime Fresh (which is, btw, not free); all you need to do is to sign up for the Dash program. keep going past the fold for a product promo video to learn more about the Amazon Dash.

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Amazon Fresh via Wired

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