all over the world, smartphone users are suffering from power crunch and if only our smartphones have the technology like what TAG Heuer has put into its upcoming luxury phone MERIDIIST INFINITE, then all would be well in the power aspect. speaking of the MERIDIIST INFINITE, it has what the Swiss luxury watchmaker referred to as a perpetual power reserve which, in layman term, it basically means the device has solar power charging capability, implemented elegantly. what you have here is essentially an invisible photovoltaic cells sandwiched between the sapphire crystal and lens substrate of the display which will automatically charges the device when exposed to specific natural and artificial light.

we are not sure what is the rate of charging, but it is safe to assume it won’t be much. however, considering this device is not a power-hungry smartphone, the solar charges should be ample to help it sustain a little longer than usual. the handset will sport a titanium grade 5 construction with carbon and rubber inserts in the familiar MERIDIIST styling, but apart from those tidbits, little is known about the world’s first perpetual power reserve at the time of this writing. TAG Heuer will be rolling out just 1,911 units of the MERIDIIST INFINITE, though there is no indication of how much it will cost when it finally becomes available. rest assure that it will not be cheap, considering the MERIDIIST II already command a hefty 3,900 plus euros and that my friend, is for a mobile phone with absolutely no bling to speak of.

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