Not all headphones are made equal – not in the audio delivery and most certainly not in the design. While we can’t speak for the sound of most, we can sure comment on the aesthetic, but with a pair coming from high-end audio equipment maker like Bang & Olufsen, there’s little about its audio reproduction ability, nor will there be questions with the styling. And in the case of the Danish outfit’s latest personal audio listening device, the H2 on-ear headphones, we can only say it is oozing with style that any fans have come to expect from B&O. The product images you find on this page pretty much speaks for themselves in that respect, and therefore, we shall leave the ogling to you folks. Under the skin, this pair of rugged textile-wrapped audio cans boasts custom 40mm driver with bass port, providing it with a boast in the low frequency response while delivering a full and rich audio reproduction with the clarity and details you’ve come to expect of B&O.

Bang & Olufsen H2 On-ear Headphones

It made of durable composites, which makes it incredibly lightweight and thanks to the adaptive design, it will fit your head perfectly. Also found on the cans are genuine lambskin ear pads for equal measures of comfort and luxury, while an in-line remote with integrated microphone makes this a smartphone-friendly headphones, providing you with music control and also for dealing with calls. The Bang & Olufsen H2 On-ear Headphone is a good as it can get if those who demand both high-end sound and style for your on-the-go music enjoyment, but like it always have been, it will cost a quite a bit: each pair goes for a cool €199, or about US$250, based on the current going rate.

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Bang & Olufsen H2 On-ear Headphones

Bang & Olufsen H2 On-ear Headphones

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