Most sleep monitor or activity tracker that claims to monitor your sleep requires you to wear a wristband when you sleep, but obviously, not everyone’s ok with that. Fortunately, there are a few non-wearable options out there and the RestOn Sleep Monitor by Shenzhen-based Sleepace is the latest to join the non-wearable camp. It does pretty much what most sleep monitors do, which is to track your sleeping pattern, but what makes RestOn Sleep Monitor stands out is a unique design that lets you sleep on it. Medical-grade sensors are packed into a paper-thin strip that goes between the mattress and the bed sheet, positioned around your chest area, and this strip will measures your sleep time, as well as picking up metrics like heart rate, respiratory rate, body movement et cetera. However, considering how much someone could be tossing and turning during the course of his or her sleep, we’re not so sure how well it will work out.

RestOn Sleep Monitor by Sleepace

Like any sleep or activity trackers, RestOn connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth technology and works in harmony with a companion app that analyzes your sleep and score it accordingly. Apart from data, the app will also offer helpful tips and reminders which, hopefully, will help you improve your sleep quality. It also has plans to support Apple’s Health Kit, Google Health and Microsoft Health, though no timeline was given with regard to that. If you’re in the market for a non-invasive sleep monitor and thinks RestOn could be your answer, then you’d be glad that you can pick one up for $119 in time for this holiday season. However, if you’re not in the hurry, you pre-order one for 99 bucks with delivery in February 2015. A note though; if you are sensitive like Hans Christian Andersen’s Princess, then even a paper-thin object slipped under the sheet may cause undue distress. Just saying… Keep going for the pitch video.

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RestOn Sleep Monitor by Sleepace

RestOn Sleep Monitor by Sleepace

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