Kohler High-tech Bathroom Products at CES 2023

A smart bathroom is a subset of a smart home that nobody seems to be interested in addressing, except for Kohler. The one and half century old plumbing products company has been bringing its craziest (in a good way) bathroom tech to CES. This year was no exception.

Personally, I have no expectations from a bathroom. As long it I can wash up, take a dump, and pee, I am good. But if you are those who seek sanctuary in a bathroom (I am not judging), then Kohler’s innovations will have you covered. Keep going for the official words on each individual product:

• Anthem Smart Showering Valves and Controls simultaneously deliver different temperatures, pressures, and spray settings for each water outlet with the touch of a button. Rinsing with warm and cool water at the same time offers hydrotherapy benefits and creates a spa-like experience at home. Anthem digital smart showering systems control up to six water outlets and display how much water was used after each shower to help inform people about their consumption.

Anthem Smart Showering Valves and Controls

• Statement VES (Variable Eco-Spray) Showerhead and Handshower use up to 40 percent less water than the typical 2.5gpm showerhead. Statement VES’s low-flow spray is optimized to provide strong rinsing coverage while maintaining warmth – addressing two key shower experience needs. The Statement collection includes Kohler’s Katalyst air-induction technology that infuses air into the water droplets to make them feel larger and retain heat longer for a more luxurious soak while using less water. Statement showerheads are compatible with existing pipes for an easy upgrade.

Statement VES (Variable Eco-Spray) Showerhead and Handshower

• H2Wise Smart Water Monitoring Systems, powered by Phyn monitors and tracks all household water usage, alerts users to leaks, and provides pre-freeze warnings. H2Wise™+ features remote shutoff functionality in the case of a catastrophic leak. A new frozen pipe mitigation smart feature coming in Q2 2023, detects if pipes begin to freeze and instructs a KOHLER Konnect water fixture to briefly relieve pressure and minimize potential damage.

H2Wise Smart Water Monitoring Systems

Eir Smart Toilet offers convenient features such as heated seat, personal cleansing, auto open and close lid, dual flush, and smart automatic flush capabilities that meet the EPA’s WaterSense criteria. The sleek design and multiple finish options expand the range of Kohler’s smart toilet portfolio.

Eir Smart Toilet

Sprig is Kohler’s new lifestyle brand, consisting of sleek shower infusion systems with natural shower infusion pods, versatile body and linen mists, and premium bath bombs that provide a peaceful escape through aromatherapy. Sprig infusion systems easily retrofit to an existing shower to diffuse aromatherapy into water, making it simple for people to elevate a daily routine into a moment of escape to enhance well-being.


Alo tile by ANN SACKS, a Kohler company, is made from 50-70 percent recycled glass from discarded TV and PC screens.

Alo tile by ANN SACKS

All images courtesy of Kohler.