Oh, so you think your kitchen is mundane and pretty much lifeless? Well, fret not, because someone out there is actually adding a dash of life to the kitchen by throwing aquariums into the mix and that someone is Kolenik. The company is calling it ‘Ocean’ Kitchen. ‘Ocean’ Kitchen is exactly what it sounds like. Basically, the idea is to shove a fully functional aquarium under the kitchen countertop and the result is, as you can see, irrationally cool.

Kolenik Aquarium Kitchen

“Absolute eye catcher in the board room, is the unique aquarium under the kitchen top which effortlessly lifts just with the press of a button. Apart from being a one of a kind design object, it is surprisingly functional. Seemingly an oversized aquarium, the intelligent L-shape hides generous space for storage and equipment.”

‘Ocean’ Kitchen is available as made-to-measure. Though I am not too sure if it be configured to your need. As the product photos have showed us, getting the sink, faucet and even a stove up top are no problemo. As detailed by the official description, the top can be lifted to allow you access to the aquarium for maintenance and whatnot. Now, that’s a bit of a Q lab, isn’t it?

It is cool and all, but the question is how much will it hurt you financially and more importantly, is it even available at all since we noted that this intriguing one-of-a-kind kitchen design object was introduced back in 2014. Also, I am curious what are the thoughts of the folks over at Tanked about this super cool kitchen counter/aquarium?

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Kolenik Aquarium Kitchen

Images: Kolenik.

Source: This Is Why I Am Broke.

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