This Custom Fish Tank Personal Computer From 2017 Still Blows My Mind In 2021

In the world of custom PCs, we have been impressed by the life-size Iron Man suit PC, a Ducati motorcycle PC, and a Tesla kiddie ride PC – just to name a few. We have thought we have seen it all… Well, as it turns out, we did miss a few mind-blowing creations over the […]

Kolenik Adds Life To The Kitchen By Throwing An Aquarium Into The Mix

Oh, so you think your kitchen is mundane and pretty much lifeless? Well, fret not, because someone out there is actually adding a dash of life to the kitchen by throwing aquariums into the mix and that someone is Kolenik. The company is calling it ‘Ocean’ Kitchen. ‘Ocean’ Kitchen is exactly what it sounds like. […]

Aquarium Backpack Lets You Take Your Pet Fishes For A Walk

Unlike regular pets like chameleons, dogs, cats and such, fishes are relegate to fish tank, which obviously, you can’t bring it out. Thanks to the wonder of Interweb, you can show them off online, but what if you really want to bring your fishy out? Well, the good news is, there’s the Aquarium Backpack that […]

ZeroEdge Classic 46 Rimless Aquarium

an aquarium can hardly be categorized as a water feature. you can argue otherwise but ask yourself this: does your aquarium overflow and spill over to all four sides, making it look like a magical cube of water without any form of restraint? we bet it doesn’t and that’s why you will need the ZeroEdge Classic 46 Rimless Aquarium to qualify as a part aquarium

Home Aquaponics Kit

always wanted a keep a pet fish or two but too intimated by the cleaning chore? the Home Aquaponics Kit is here to solve that woe (the cleaning part, that is) while giving you a little ‘bonus’ that you could savor, literally. the Aquaponics is both a self-cleaning fish tank and a hydroponics (yes, those veggies that feeds on water and not soil) and hence, adopters get the best of both…

650 Gallon Fish Tank Aquarium Bed

despite the fact that the term ‘sleeping with the fishes’ is not exactly a good expression, there are still some folks who are so fond of aqua life that they’d wish for that to happen, though probably not the way Italian mafia would have interpreted it. anyway, this 650 Gallon Fish Tank Aquarium Bed created by aquarium specialist, Acrylic Tank…

eVivo! Baby Shrimp Ecosystem

having a dog or cat as pets is nothing out of the ordinary and the same applies even for ornamental fishes. so if you are looking for pets that’s extraordinary, does not beg for your attention and will flourish on its own just like it would in its…