I am confident that aquarium-loving, Star Wars fans will be enthralled by what Carly Thompson did to her 5 gallon Marineland Portrait Glass LED Aquarium. While Thompson’s set up aren’t as extensive or lavish as those aquariums you have seen in Discovery’s Tank, it is still very much a sight to behold. Why? Because, Star Wars.

Fish Tank with Sunken AT-AT Decoration

That’s right. This is a Star Wars-themed aquarium, folks and that alone is enough to impress. Even more so it had one of the most iconic vehicles (though necessary practical) from the original Star Wars trilogy, the AT-AT, albeit that appears to be seriously battered and covered in algae.

The story went that Carly received this fish tank decorative piece from her brother for Christmas and decided to give it a go in a portrait tank. Carly reportedly took inspiration from the Kashyyk map in the video game Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order and Moon of Endor from Star Wars movies.

Fish Tank with Sunken AT-AT Decoration

The result is an algae-covered AT-AT that appears to be amongst the forest of Endor. Very, very impressive. The fact it looks like the Endor was consumed by the sea (or lake?) makes this set super surreal.

At this point, we couldn’t care less what aquatic animals are inside (but if you must know, it now has red cherry shrimp and Ramshorn snails).

In case anyone’s interested, we believe the AT-AT decoration is an AT-AT Walker Aquarium Fish Tank Ornament which you can find a bunch of them being sold on Amazon.

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P.S. You can also find super cool “rusted” version too.

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Images: Reddit (u/chuck).

Source: My Modern Met via Laughing Squid.

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