Who Would Have Thought A Fallen AT-AT Makes For A Cool Tape Dispenser?

Who would have thought the Empire’s AT-AT could be so cool as a desk tidy? We never knew AT-AT’s wide and varied applications – even when it has fallen, it turned out to be a super dope tape dispenser too. The Star Wars AT-AT Tape Dispenser is not articulated, though. It is made of resin […]

Horse In AT-AT Costume Will Make For A Perfect Trick Or Treat Companion

What are the odds of people dressing up as Star Wars AT-AT pilots? I would think the odd is extremely low because, you know, AT-AT pilots are not as iconic as the Stormtroopers, AKA troopers with terrible aim. Anyways, if you or your kid planned to cosplay as an AT-AT pilot for this Halloween and […]

Well, If This Isn’t The Crudest AT-AT-themed Bunk Bed…

All Star Wars fans have dreamed of getting onboard an AT-AT, but unless you are a friend of Colin Furze, the best the real world can offer is a good night sleep under or in an AT-AT Walker scale replica. Also, not being a rich person means, even sleeping in one scaled replica remains a […]

Ohio Man Built A 19-Foot AT-AT Replica On His Front Lawn For Halloween

Halloween decorations have gone from the creepy, ghouls-themed to wait, what? Star Wars-themed? Yup. That is exactly what one man did on the front lawn of his property. Nick Meyer, an elevator mechanic, has built a towering 19-foot tall AT-AT replica modeled after a toy he bought. The family has the tradition of creating something […]

Custom Star Wars AT-AT Mailbox Deserves The Title Of Best Mailbox Ever

Not everyone can be like Colin Furze who has the technical skill and financial backing to build an 18-foot tall ‘playable’ AT-AT in their backyard, but I am sure most of us are well capable of cobbling up a smaller scale version suitable for your mails and the occasional squirrel/chipmunk raids. Just to clarify, by […]

Who Needs A Treehouse When You Can Have An 18-Foot Tall ‘Playable’ AT-AT

British garage inventor Colin Furze is known to invent and build all sorts of crazy stuff, ranging from fire-breathing pulse jet-powered trike to homemade hoverbike to ‘less insane’ things like remote controlled trash can, but for his latest build, it was surprisingly sane and danger-free too, well, that’s unless you count falling off an AT-AT […]

With Bandai AT-AT Desk Tidy, Your USB Cable Is The Snowspeeder’s Tow Cable

Calling out all Star Wars fans whose work desk has fallen into an utter disrepair from the barrage of work dropped on you by your Sith Lord, wait, I mean your boss. However messy it is, this 1/72 scale AT-AT Multi Stand i.e. desk tidy from toy maker Bandai is here to save the day. […]

This Is How Much It Would Cost To Build And Operate An AT-AT

So, you are a Empire-wannabe who think you are ready to take on the Rebel Alliance? Well, we have got news for you. It turns out, it is not going to be cheap. Lets start with the iconic battle workhorse, AT-AT which can come in handy when taking down Hoth system (but watch out for […]