These LEGO Star Wars sets are perfect companions for the LEGO 75313 Star Wars AT-AT. Altogether, there are three sets and they are LEGO Star Wars Hoth AT-ST (75322), LEGO Defence of Hoth (40557), LEGO Snowtrooper Battle Pack (75320).

LEGO 75320 Snowtrooper Battle Pack
LEGO 75320 Snowtrooper Battle Pack

Given how the 75313 has a hangar to accommodate up to four Imperial Hoth speeder bikes but it comes with just two, the LEGO Snowtrooper Battle Pack is a must-have. In fact, you may want to get a few because each set comes with just one builder speeder bike.

As a boon, the 75320 does come with four LEGO Minifigures – of which, three of them are Snowtroopers which can fill the AT-AT which has seatings for up to 40.

The three, plus the original four Snowtroopers that came with the UCS AT-AT, it is far from occupying all the seats but hey, it is a start, isn’t it? And at US$19.99 a set, you can actually pick up a few sets. It may be worth buying the set considering much individual Minifigure costs these days.

Also included in the set is a Hoth Scout Trooper LEGO Minifigure, a buildable speeder bike, a stud-shooting E-Web heavy repeating blaster, and a snow trench with extra ammo.

LEGO 40557 Defence of Hoth
LEGO 40557 Defence of Hoth

Next up is the LEGO Defence of Hoth set because the Imperial has to something/someone to stomp on right? You probably want to pick up a few of the sets too if you are thinking of creating a diorama.

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At US$14.99 per set, it is relatively affordable. The 40557, which is listed as coming soon, comes with 3 Hoth Rebel Trooper LEGO minifigures, a buildable rotating laser cannon blaster, and 2 tripod guns. All told, it has just 64 pieces.

Finally, there is the LEGO Star Wars Hoth AT-ST. AT-ST made its debut appearance in Battle of Hoth (Empire Strikes Back) and I made a quick calculation, this particular AT-ST actually scales up pretty nicely with the LEGO Star Wars UCS AT-AT.

LEGO 75322 Star Wars Hoth AT-ST
LEGO 75322 Star Wars Hoth AT-ST

Based on my calculation, Star Wars database, the AT-AT towers at 22.2 meters (73 feet) tall while the AT-ST is a modest 8.6 meters (28 feet). Translates those numbers to LEGO UCS AT-AT scale, the AT-ST should be 24 cm (9.4″) tall and the 75322 AT-ST is 26 cm (10.2″) which is the closest you can get.

As a bonus, the set also comes with an Imperial Probe Droid LEGO figure (which also has a UCS version, btw), plus three Minifigures, including dear old Chewbacca with snow decoration, a Hoth AT-ST pilot, and Hoth Rebel Trooper.

The LEGO 75322 Star Wars Hoth AT-ST, which sells for US$49.99, is listed as “temporarily out of stock” but some stores, including, still have the set in stock.

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