AT-AT, the quadruple, slow-moving armored vehicle from Star Wars, has been turned into a lot of things. Among them are a BBQ pit, a bunk bed (well, sort of!), a mailbox, and a giant backyard playground. And now, thanks to Instructables member Whitney Fabre, you can add cat house to the list.

CAT-CAT AT-AT Cat House You Can Build

Folks, meet the CAT-CAT, a cat house in the shape of an AT-AT. It not only satisfies humans’ fandom (for Star Wars) but since it is an AT-AT, it also fulfills the need for your feline friend to climb. It has a spacious interior for the kitty and the legs that propped up the body also double as scratching posts. Clever!

Since it is a DIY cat house, you are free to add stuff like a Snowspeeder wrapping the legs, and the “wire” (i.e. rope) coiled around the legs can then double as the aforementioned scratching posts. Super cool and functional.

CAT-CAT AT-AT Cat House You Can Build

The cat house is mainly made out of plywood and requires some decorating to make it look like the AT-AT. How your AT-AT, I mean CAT-CAT, turns out really depends on your skills with your hands and your creativity.

If you like to build one yourself, you may check out Whitney’s instructions she shared on Instructables.

Images: Instructables (Whitney Fabre).

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