Unlike regular pets like chameleons, dogs, cats and such, fishes are relegate to fish tank, which obviously, you can’t bring it out. Thanks to the wonder of Interweb, you can show them off online, but what if you really want to bring your fishy out? Well, the good news is, there’s the Aquarium Backpack that will let you do so. As the product name implies, it is an aquarium in a backpack, which means it is totally transparent with exception of the seams and comes with adjustable, padded shoulder strap to wear it on your back.

The bag is handmade, made to order by the same folks who brought to your the pee-to-portable water conversion system we posted earlier and it touts “self cleaning” feature. For 500 American dollars, you would secure yourself the backpack complete with goldfish, rocks, snails, and plants. Man, this had to be really hefty. I mean, water is heavy and the movement only adds more force on your back, but it will be worth the weight if it is used to show off your award-winning, prized goldfish. Though we suspect the fishes won’t be too excited about a walk in the park.

As before, the product page did not have a lot to share and so, if you need more info, you will have to get in touch with the folks over at Ultra Violet Production House.

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P.S.: We suspect this is more of an art sculpture than to actually show off your aqua friends. Just a thought.

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