Well, actually you can’t. Apparently, the item is no longer available. What a shame, right? Cos’ it looks pretty rad. Anyways, this item was peddled by UV Production House too. The funny thing was, we didn’t even realized it was from the UV team when we earmarked this for posting a few days ago and we went on to discover the Aquarium Backpack and Pee Converter. Anywho, what was pitched was a black leather sofa, delivered to you along with sewing supplies, white paint pens, and punk band-patches and instructions to turn this otherwise nondescript couch into a definitive punk sofa (officially, known as crust couch, I believe).

The reason we post this was, we thought it looks pretty cool, though we are not sure if it’s worth the $5,000 asking price. We are also not sure why it was removed from the listing. But hey, not being able to buy it doesn’t mean you can’t have a similar sofa. Just head down to your local thrift stores and see what couches they have on offer. Pick one that pleases your eyes and your wallet, and gather some punk patches, related punk ideas and stuff, and unleash your creativity aided by the power of randomness. I am sure, it will be as unique as this 5 grand piece.

via Boing Boing

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