Discrete Urine-to-Drinking Water Conversion System

So you think Amazon sells some of the weirdest stuff on the Internet? Well, wait till you read about what Etsy seller Ultra Violet Production House has to offer: a concealed urine-to-drinking water conversion kit. UV Production House touts itself as a store that “provides customers with high quality sculpture materials and fabrication guidance for all original works.” That being said, we are not even sure if the Discrete Urine-to-Drinking Water Conversion System, as it is called, is just a work of art or a real working thing, given the lack of information on the product page.

There’s only one-liner description on the product page which goes: “convert your urine into clean drinking water safely with this genital garter attachment and drinking water conversion system.” That’s about all it says. In a way, it says it all and in another, it leaves us rather baffled. The product title did offer some additional info like “form fitting, able to be hidden under pants” and “incontinence to hydration,” which could means it is an alternative to adult diapers for those who’s suffering from incontinence with the boon of turning bodily fluid waste into portable water.

If it works as it described, then it would be, to us, a survival gear of sort, or maybe even as a fetish gear for those who loves to drink pee, purified. Either way, it had us perplexed. And it doesn’t come cheap; the ‘system’ will run you back at 300 bucks.