I don’t remember when was the last time we need to slice a pizza. They always come sliced, aren’t they? However, if you ever find yourself needing to slice pizzas, then I can only imagine that you will meet with the age of old problem of equality. Humans are not robots and as such only a few gifted pizza cutter (person, not tool, btw) can slice equal proportion slices. It is precisely because of our inability to be fair, there is the LloydPans 8-Slice Pizza Cutter, otherwise known as The Equalizer Multi-Blade Rocker Knife. The latter pretty much says it all, doesn’t it?

If it doesn’t here what The Equalizer is about: it is a multi-blade rocking knife designed to divide a pizza into equal slices with just a few swift rocking movements. As noted earlier, we don’t usually have cut up pizzas (unless we bake one ourselves) and so there is a reason why this thing price as such and by “as such,” we mean very expensively at $221.05 a pop. It is explicitly stated in its listing on Amazon that it is for commercial use and not intended for home use.

LloydPans 8-Slice Pizza Cutter

Looking at the price and its heft (it weighs meaty 4.6 lbs!), and looking how dangerous it may be, I will accept its argument that it is for commercial use only. However, since Amazon is selling, I don’t see why you can’t get one for yourself if you have the dough to spare. But if you are a restaurant owner looking at this, I’d say you should grab one for your kitchen because, providing your customers with equally divided slices is the next level of customer service.

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Believe me. I can’t remember how many argument were resulted in unequally sliced pizzas. An awfully unnecessary scenario that only serve to prevent enjoyment of the pizza. When consumers don’t feel happy eating, they may attribute it as a badly made pizza and badly made pizza is not good for business. Now you see how important it is for the pizzas to be equally divided?

Images: LloydPans.

Source: Dude.

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